The Multilingual UX Consortium is conducting research about the lack of representation of Women of Color in Technology Design. In collaboration with a network of WoC builders, researchers, and activists, this project is funded by the Kappor Center and the Coalition of Women of Color in Computing. This project will serve as a pilot study to develop a sustainable mechanism for intervening in the lack of WOC representation in the UX research workforce by developing a collaborative network and mentoring model for supporting WOC in UX.

Currently, our team consists of Estefania Castillo, Laura Gonzales, Bibhushana Poudyal, Nora K. Rivera, Joy Robinson, Clarissa San Diego, Ann Shivers-McNair, and Tetyana Zhyvotovska (In alphabetical order). We are meeting weekly to develop, design, and discuss individual projects in UX and technology design. Together, as a team of students, faculty, and industry professionals, we identify constraints and affordances, offer feedback and possibilities, suggest different platforms and ways to user test our projects with different individuals, groups, and communities. We will have a final gathering in Seattle, where we are partnering with Makerologist through Clarissa San Diego to meet women in technology design and to share our own projects.

Expected Outcomes

This project will serve as a pilot study intended to generate a scalable model for a mentoring network that we will continue to expand through the relationships established in this first phase of the project. Through our work on this project, we will develop a website for our collaborative network of WOC in UX, and we will establish a Slack channel to keep communication between the group after the conclusion of the first year of the project. In addition, we will complete and publish a white paper on mentoring WOC in UX, which we will submit for publication to the Journal of Usability Studies. Through the data gathered in this initial phase of the project, we will also make plans for implementing a larger-scale model across institutions, starting with the University of Arizona and the University of Alabama-Huntsville, where our research team is currently represented.


Women of color in Computing team in Seattle

May 9 - 12, 2019