A Community-Driven Initiative for Multilingual Technology Design


Multilingual UX is a consortium of technology designers, researchers, organizations, and students committed to meeting the goals and needs of linguistically diverse users in a wide range of contexts. We create and test bi- and multilingual content (e.g., websites, web applications, informational tools), provide consultation and data-driven recommendations, and connect organizations with design partners across the world.


Current Projects


Women of color in computing

We are a team of students, faculty, and industry professionals who are helping one another in identifying constraints and affordances as women of color in computing. Click below to know more about us and the descriptions of our ongoing individual projects that we are building and making together critically and ethically.


INdigenous language interpretation

In collaboration with the Centro Profesional Indígena de Asesoría, Defensa, y Tradución (CEPIADET), this project seeks to establish a network of Indigenous Language interpreters across the world.


Participatory translation in community healthcare contexts

Funded by the Conference on College Composition and Communication, this project seeks to position bilingual community members as experts who can inform the design and dissemination of bilingual and multilingual healthcare tools and platforms.